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Mortgage Acceleration

        How would your life be different today if you didn't have a mortgage payment to make?

        How would you like to save thousands of dollars in interest payments to the bank?

        We have a personalized mortgage acceleration program to help you save thousands of dollars in interest payments and become debt free sooner than later. You probably know that you are likely paying more in interest for your home loan than the actual loan amount. Of course, how much more depends on your interest rate. For example, on an amortized, 30-year, fixed-rate loan you pay 140% of your loan amount in interest with a mortgage at 7%. So for a $400,000 loan at 7%, you will pay $558,036 in interest by the time you have paid off the loan. The table below shows how much more interest you pay for various loan amounts at various rates.

Rate Loan Amount Percent Of Loan Paid In Interest
$100,000 $200,000 $400,000 $800,000
5% $93,256 $186,512 $373,024 $746,048 93%
6% $115,838 $231,676 $463,352 $926,704 116%
7% $139,509 $279,018 $558,036 $1,116,072 140%
8% $164,155 $328,310 $656,620 $1,313,240 164%
9% $189,664 $379,328 $758,656 $1,517,312 190%
10% $215,926 $431,852 $863,704 $1,727,408 216%

We will personalize a mortgage acceleration program for you which decreases the interest paid and the loan term by 50%. For example, for the $400,000 loan at 7% the loan will be paid off in 15 years and you will save about $280,000 in interest payments!

This is accomplished by paying an extra payment of principal each month. Early in the loan, this extra payment is only about 12% extra per month. Near the end of the payoff period, approaching the final fifteenth year for a 30 year loan, the extra payment will be much closer to the regular monthly payment.

With a few pieces of information regarding your loan, we create a personalized, easy to follow mortgage acceleration program for you. A five page instruction manual and free consultation is also included. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you within one business day with your personalized payment program.

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