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         We are available for consultation with any of your real estate needs. Our specialty is creative methods of real estate purchasing and selling. If you are considering a purchase, we can help you understand your best methods to purchase the property and lay out your best exit strategies to realize your profit.

         Our consultation fee is $200 per hour. However, we are currently offering discounts if you order now over the internet.

         If you have already completed the due diligence for a purchase, we will be able to lay out all your options within an hour, so please prepay below for the first hour.

50% Discount! Only $100 for one hour of consultation if you order now.

         If there is considerable due diligence left to complete, we will assist you with research and consultation. Prepay for five hours of research and consultation below.

$1000 Value! Order Now for only $450!

         Trevor is truly a master transaction engineer. After only a few minutes of reviewing the information on my property and discussing my goals and financial situation, he was able structure purchase strategies that worked for both me and the seller. He clearly explained my options so I had now questions.

        With only $47,000 I was able to buy an 8-unit apartment complex by assuming the existing loan. I took over the management and increased the income and value as Trevor suggested. I sold the property 20 months later and made $162,000 in profit. Now I am looking to exchange into a nicer property with even better cash flow potential. I would recommend Trevorís services to anybody.

         Judy P.
         Sacramento, CA

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