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Do you know of the many benefits of owning income producing properties?

Would you like to own commercial producing properties?

Are you intimidated by the complexities of purchasing and managing commercial properties?

         We are always looking for funding partners for commercial properties. We have expertise with a variety of properties like apartments, retail, mixed-use and self-storage. Of course there are other options like office, warehouse, industrial, and a variety of others, and we can discuss these options with you, and why we prefer the first three property types stated above.

         A funding partner puts up the funds for the purchase, and potentially some improvements. We find the best property to suite the partners’ needs. We handle the acquisition, accounting, management and selling of the property. The funding partner wires the initial funds to escrow and then sits back and collects checks and takes advantage of the tax benefits.

         The partnership agreement is spelled out in the LLC operating agreement. The LLC also gives liability protection for the partners.

         Contact us with you property and funding preferences.

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